Funters - Are They The New Fuggs

posted on 05 Nov 2013 16:29 by swisswatchesl

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This recession has hit many companies hard, with several going entering financial distress and large brands becoming bankrupt. One of the brands which managed to avoid the pitfalls of the financial downturn was Hunter. The British manufacturer of the classic green hunter welly has recently celebrated record profits of over 4 million, the profits have come at a cost with several job cuts occurring and production of the boot being outsourced to China. Having proved they can fit off the recession and still be seen on the feet of celebrities at countless festivals this summer Hunter now face a new challenge, fakes.
 The fake hunter of Funter is being compared to the copies made of the popular UGG boots coined Fuggs. This is because both companies have managed to create a design that is so iconic that many wish to obtain a similar product cheaply. With Fuggs, it was the classic design that was copied and then produced cheaply in China, the Fuggs retailed out around 15 whilst an authentic pair would cost closer to 150. Hunter Wellies have seen a more targeted imitation product appear, the Jimmy Choo collaboration boot. This welly has a simple design that is enhanced by giving the boot a fake crocodile skin look, making this piece of festival footwear more stylish than the original green boot. The imitations of this boot look very similar but the quality of production is not even close. A sure sign that there is a funter in your mist is the poor quality of the buckle at the top of the boot ( a standard which is not overlooked on the authentic boots).

 These fakes are beginning to generate large level of sales and with such a ubiquitous design its difficult for Hunter to defend their boot. However, Hunter have stated that whilst the fakes/imitations will retail at about 50 less than an original Hunter Boot, the saving will be lost when the cheap versions become stuck in the mud of fall apart in the rain. Hunter are ensuring that their boots are made to the highest standard of production, and that in this instance, imitation isnt the sincerest form of flattery.





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Funters - Are They The New Fuggs | swisswatchesl

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